Waypoint: Cheniere Shack


N 32° 31.100′, W 092° 14.572′ 




(from nelageo.netThe North Louisiana Geocachers Saturday luncheon is now held at the Cheniere Shack Restaurant located on Hwy 80.

We try to meet every Saturday for lunch at 1:00ish at The Cheniere Shack in West Monroe. It’s an open invitation for any/all geocachers to stop by and chat, eat, and all around socialize. Feel free to stop by and join in. Depending on how many we have, will dictate on where they seat us. The owners said they would do everything they could to accomodate us and make sure we all sit together. Just ask for the geocaching group when you show up.


Nearest Geocache Listing: GC1VA8A

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