Featured Player: CajunCuz


What was the inspiration for your Geocaching username?

A group of my cousins got together many years ago and started a little family website called CajunCousins. I got volunteered to webmaster status and pre-Facebook and even pre-Myspace it was where the family kept track of our lives. It’s still around, but I’m very bad about keeping it updated. I just kept with that cousin theme and chose CajunCuz.

Why did you decide to try Geocaching?

I’ve always liked running the road, seeing stuff, treasure hunting, mysterys, puzzles etc. I was visiting my Godchild (Peter) and his girlfriend (Maria) in Atlanta and I had his Mom (Mary) with me. She’s my Mom’s baby sister and is my age and we hang around a lot. Peter was telling Mary about this activity (Geocaching) that they enjoyed. Knowing me, Mary had them explain it all to me. I bought the app and signed up right then and there. Tell us about your very first hunt.

What cache were you after? What did you expect to find?

Time prevented me from caching in Atlanta. On the trip home I was dropping my Aunt off with family in Monroe before heading home. I had kinda forgot about caching until after I dropped her off was was driving South on Hwy. 165. I pulled over and found a cache not far away. The name and number I have forgotten, It’s no longer there. I remember it was at a place called Riverton camp. It had recently flooded and when I pulled in the coordinates showed about 100 feet out into the water. There were a couple of picnic table tops out in that direction also. Next stop was GC1027H (Seafood Cache). I had no clue what I was looking for, but GZ and the hint mentioned wheel. There was a big iron black wagonwheel at the entrance to a seafood restaurant. So I search round and round for quite a while before a lady came out of the restaurant and asked if I needed help. I explained what I was up to. She told me it was there and it was small. I looked a few more minutes before that nano finally revealed itself. I had seen it dozens of times, just didn’t know what I was looking for.

Everyone has a Geocaching “big fish” story about the hunt that was much more than they expected at the start. What is yours?

I’m kinda drawing a blank here. I’ve been muggled, by cops a couple times, I’ve slid down inside a cave GC2T4X8 and almost need the truck to pull me back up, I’ve fallen over and off logs, I’ve had the feeling that I wasn’t alone in places you really don’t want to have those feelings. I’ve learned that Louisiana mosquitos will let you walk half mile to a well hidden cache and THEN torment you on the hunt and the return trip. No, I can’t say I have any one “Big Fish” story. I have many.

What is your Geocaching EDC? (Everyday carry) What gear do you have to have with you?

In my pocket I have pointy tweezer with shrink wrap as a guard, small log roller, small knife and a pen. In my truck is everything else. assorted logs, camo tape, tie wraps, assorted cache containers, flashlight, extendable magnet, extendable mirror, grabber, string, wire and swag. Repair kit and first aid kit. and other stuff.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve ever seen or found while Geocaching?

I couldn’t really come up with anything super weird, but while caching you never know. The cache that popped in my head was GCJA19 (One For The Road), a virtual in Centerville, Miss. Its a gun buried in the middle of the road with just a small part of it’s side showing.

What cache is on your Geocaching Bucket List?

There are a lot of cool caches out there. For now, I would say GC30 Mingo.

Anything else you would share?

Just enjoy yourself. You don’t need to cache every day, unless you’re on that type of challenge. You don’t need to travel 1000’s or even 100’s of miles to find good interesting caches. This hobby will bring you places in your own back yard you may never have seen. Cache with others sometimes. Go to some events. Check out the virtual caches while they are still around. Help out your fellow cachers. Change logs, drop the CO a line if you see an issue. Don’t assume its gone if you don’t find it. We can be sneaky. Have fun.