Featured Player: dancelovetigger


What was the inspiration for your geocaching name?

 I love to dance and I love Tigger and I have been using dancelovetigger as an email for years so I figured why not a cache name as well.

Why did you decide to try geocaching?

 I was a stay at home mom to a 5-month old little boy the first time I heard of geocaching and thought it sounded like something fun to do as a family but it wasn’t until I mentioned geocaching to a friend of mine and she said she and her family had done it before and they had a blast that I decided to go after my first cache.

What cache were you after? What did you expect to find?

I went after a couple of caches that I didn’t find but my first find was GC38AOC-Paint Your Body  and I had no idea what to look for but when I found it I thought it was trash at first until I opened it.

Everyone has a Geocaching “big fish” story about the hunt that was much more than you expected at the start. What is yours?

That would be GC11WA0- CCC ’07 Hydrocache.  Nannerman13, Forest Ghost and I went after this cache on August 10, 2013. We had to wade across the Comite River which came to about the middle of my thighs and then we took about 30 minutes to get up the bank on the other side because it kept crumbling under Frank and I so Ethan got his climbing ropes and between Frank helping me up using our walking sticks as leverage and Ethan handing me a rope to climb up I was already exhausted. Frank then moved down the bank and we got him up as well. After a short water break we set off and walked for at least another 1.5 hrs till we got to the cache site. The cache was stuck in muck and Frank and Ethan tried for another 1 hr  to get the cache out of the muck with no success so finally we left a replacement cache and started our hike back. On the way back we came across my worst fear-A freaking SNAKE but luckily it moved off or I would have climbed Frank’s shoulders and stayed there until we were back to the car. So we finally make it back to the car after wading across the Comite again, logged our caches and the cache owner archived it right after. I have never had a cache adventure this rough since then.

What is your Geocaching EDC (Everyday carry)? What gear do you have to have with you?

I carry a pen with me at all times to sign logs,  a flashlight, a grabber, and extension magnet, pliers to get trouble logs out, and replacement logs. During the summer I carry mosquito spray with me at all times and a walking stick in case I need to use it to move wildlife safely out of my way.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve seen or found while caching?

GC2AP6C– Clayton Dinosaur Trackway in Clayton, New Mexico we got to see Dinosaur footprints and tail drags and GC6999– Virtual New Mexico #4 Capulin Volcano where we got to hike to the rim of an extinct volcano.

What cache is on your Bucket List?

I have many but my top 2 are GC5Q44G– Southernmost Geocache in the USA, and a 30 stage multi cache in Central Park- GC17MX1– Bridges and Arches of Central Park.

Anything else you would like to say?

HAVE FUN, get out and explore your world but remember not every cache is for everybody only do what you are capable of doing but don’t be afraid to push your limits to see how much you are capable of. If you can DON’T cache-out your area because you never know when you might need a quick cache near your house. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other cachers especially the cache owner if you are having problems with their cache. You will make friends with a lot of crazy, genuinely nice people who would be willing to go on cache runs with you so you don’t have to go alone.