Featured Player: ptmvette


What was the inspiration for your geocaching name?
My geonick is ptmvette which is my initials “ptm” and my cache mobile when I started caching–a Corvette, “vette”.

Why did you decide to try geocaching?

I was surfing the Web in 2006 and found geocaching and read about it. I thought it was the perfect hobby for my best friend, Annette, and her two young boys. I told her about it, and they started caching. Since I was the one who suggested they geocache, they took me with them right after they started; and that was all it took to hook me also. Annette, “Little’n”, and I have cached together ever since we both started in 2006.


What cache were you after? What did you expect to find?

Since I had been caching with Little’n before I had a geocaching account, I knew what to look for. My first cache was Rocking on the Red (GCPV76).


Everyone has a Geocaching “big fish” story about the hunt that was much more than you expected at the start. What is yours?

Little’n and I were doing the Louisiana DeLorme Challenge (GCWXQW) and needed a cache in a particular “grid”, and Bogalusa Boogie (GCA0A7)was the only one that would “fit” (2007). We are from North Louisiana so we were on a DeLorme caching trip to Central and South Louisiana. When we got to the parking spot for Bogalusa Boogie, it was pouring down rain; and water was standing about 6 inches deep. To our left was a power station and out in front of us was a forest of huge trees with many of them fallen because of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I was just sitting there wondering what we could do, never dreaming of getting out in the pouring rain where there was already deep water, an electric power station within 50 yards, and huge fallen trees. Little’n said, “Come on.” I looked at her like she was crazy, and she said we hadn’t come this far to not get this cache. I guess we are both crazy because we went after the cache. There was no trail; and we climbed over and under huge trees following our GPSrs, all the while getting soaked. We got to what we thought was ground zero, and we couldn’t find the cache. We had to expand our search, but we found it. We still laugh about that cache—fun memories.


What is your Geocaching EDC (Everyday carry)?

What gear do you have to have with you? I always have a pen and my smartphone with me. Before we had smartphones I kept my Garmin GPSr in the car with me at all times just in case a new cache published during the day. I also keep a box of swag, fresh paper logs, and a few cache containers in my car.


What is the most memorable thing you’ve seen or found while caching?

One of the coolest caches I have ever found is an earthcache, “Snorkeling in a Volcano (Molokini) (GC1QAVZ)”, off the coast of Maui (Hawaii). I took a tour boat, the QuickSilver, to the Molokini Crater to snorkel. Wow! What an experience! I saw so many beautiful tropical fish, huge sea turtles, a small shark, an eel, sea urchins, coral, etc. It was an unforgettable experience—and I’ve been back to snorkel in this crater twice since I first “found” the cache in 2009.


What cache is on your Bucket List?

I would love to find “Mingo” (GC30) because it is the oldest active cache. I would love to find this cache this year if I can talk Little’n into going with me.


Any other hobbies?

I love to travel—and geocache when I travel; and I love photography. My three hobbies of geocaching, traveling, and photography go hand in hand; and I love doing them all. I love being outdoors and discovering nature. Colorado is my favorite place to travel, cache, and take photos because I love the mountains, streams, waterfalls, and wildlife.


Anything else you would like to say?

I LOVE geocaching, and I have seen so many things that I would never have seen or even known was there if it weren’t for geocaching. Thanks, geocaching community, for creating and maintaining such a fun hobby/game.