Featured Player: the alston’s


What was the inspiration for your geocaching name?

Our last name is Alston. We started geocaching over 8 years ago now as a family when our boys were little. I’m not good with original handles and I wasn’t sure if we were going to like it or not. So The Alston’s became our geocaching name.

Why did you decide to try geocaching?

I was friends with a lady from Ireland on FB who I met playing one of the many mundane FB games. She told me about it and it sounded interesting so we decided to try.

What cache were you after? What did you expect to find?

We really didn’t expect to find anything! We didn’t have a handheld gps (again, we weren’t sure if we were going to like it or not and money was tight so we couldn’t afford to waste the $80 a handheld would cost). We were using a Tomtom gps from our vehicle that we were given a a Christmas gift. Back then those weren’t suited very well for driving much less geocaching so when we actually found the cache we were amazed! And HOOKED! In our very first cache We also found a geocoin called DB Coopers geocoin that we set free in northern Louisiana and about 2 years ago found again in San Antonio Texas which was really cool.

Everyone has a Geocaching “big fish” story about the hunt that was much more than you expected at the start. What is yours?

We were doing the LA Delorme challenge and we’re trying to find a cache in one of those remote sections that didn’t have many caches to begin with. We were far from home and it was getting dark so we had to hurry. A big thunderstorm was also rolling in. One of those that the big lightning precedes the storm? We sent the boys back to the car because the lightning was so bad and they were scared (they were like 8 & 9 at the time) but my husband and I were determined to get this cache. As we were running around frantically looking for the cache a close lightning strike hit and scared us so bad! But we kept on going till we finally found it and ran back to the car where the boys were crying and scared. We didn’t realize how close that lightning strike really was until we got back to the car and found that my long hair was sticking all out on end. Looking back now it was pretty stupid to take such a risk but that’s how hooked we were to caching at the time.

What is your Geocaching EDC (Everyday carry)? What gear do you have to have with you?

Water, iPhone, bug spray, tweezers and a walking stick.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve seen or found while caching?

Meeting new people who share the same love for caching.

What cache is on your Bucket List?

There’s too many to list but we would love to cache in states further away from home.

Any other hobbies?

Camping and playing music together. My husband plays bass and piano, our oldest plays guitar and our youngest the drums. I can’t play anything but I love to sing. We are active on our praise & worship team at church and our boys have a traveling praise & worship band. My most favorite times are when we are at home just playing around & singing together.