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What was the inspiration for your geocaching name?

It was one of my email names based on a nickname I picked up in college. One night I asked for another slice of banana but instead called it nanner like we had  as kids…it stuck and I got a new nickname that night.

Why did you decide to try geocaching?

As it turned out I had set up an account in 2008 because a buddy was getting into it but we never made any plans so I never did anything with it. Fast forward to 2012 and another buddy (Lemoine37) was moving into my house…I had just made it home from the gym when he was getting ready to search for a few in the neighborhood, I was already sweaty so figured, Let’s go! After we had found a few, I remember asking if we could do another one…and I have been asking  that ever since.

What cache were you after? What did you expect to find?

Looks like the first one was Parkview Cache (GC1C3GP) which has since been archived. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I remember the first cache I found before Levi and with that I was hooked.

Everyone has a Geocaching “big fish” story about the hunt that was much more than you expected at the start. What is yours?

Levi and I were going to go to an event in Alexandria and since that is my hometown we would crash at my parent’s house. However we decided to do some caching on the way, so we set out to go to Avery Island for the Tabasco caches and then did most of the Cajun Cuisine trail. After running out of trail and doing some caches in Abbeville we stopped for some dinner and cocktails. Usually I’m the one that was pushing to keep going, but this night Levi asked me, ‘If we keep going, what would you want to go after?’ Well I had been working on the Parish challenge, so I blurted out Cameron parish and before I knew it we had paid the bill and we were off. The thing about Cameron parish is that it wasn’t as close as it seemed on the map….it took us so long and with it being so dark there was almost no scenery. It was becoming hard to stay away, but we finally made it. Signed the log and Levi took over at driving.  Plugged in the coordinates to the Garmin and proceeded to get out of there. This car was the closest to a new car I had ever had and I was kinda proud of myself that I had gotten it washed just before our roadtrip….and then I saw the eyes in the road…..cows and they weren’t moving….you just had to drive around them. This happened over and over again…I tried to not think about all the cowpies in the road and eventually we thought we were home free and Levi gave it the gas….and then I saw them cows…but not just cows…Longhorns! I stood up in the passenger seat because as the other cows were unconcerned by us, the longhorn cattle got up and were agitated and yes I imagined my fairly new little car cut open like a tin can. Levi punched it and we were soon past. Eventually I relaxed and slept most of the rest of the way…except in all the excitement we must have hit the Home button rather than programming in my mother’s address…so rather than go there we ended up back in Baton Rouge to my bewilderment….and the 5 am phone call the next morning from my parents. In the morning we pulled ourselves together to make the event, but we were exhausted. There I had someone explain to me what the Delorme challenge was and I realize I had just touched the tip of Cameron parish and was destined to go back and do it all over again.

What is your Geocaching EDC (Everyday Carry)?

This is always subject to change when I forget to repack my cachebag…a lesson for us all. Never walk away from the car without making sure we have a pen. Usually have a log roller, a multi tool, spare logs of various sizes, sometimes some spare micro and nano containers, usually a trashbag, and if I know that it will be a considerable hike, the camel bag of water.  But sometimes it may just be the iPhone and a pen.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve seen or found while caching?

That is a hard one…if I’m to be esoteric I would say the memories and friendships from things like the countless cache runs with Lemoine37 to the LGO camping events with the usual suspects to mad dash roadtrips for State Parks with dancelovetigger to trying to find my 1300th & MrsNanner trying to spot it before me to a single CITO event where czamacona and I got to hang out before he moved back to California or the big summer roadtrip to Geowoodstock 14 with MrsNanner, minions, ThingsMismatched, & Squish where Colorado and the mountains stole the show or even the thousands of miles I’ve logged solo seeing Louisiana…it just seems I can’t pick just one .  And that seems like a pretty cool problem to have.

What Cache is on your Bucket List?

When I was still pretty new to geocaching Lemoine37 and I had decided to do a yearlong streak. We were roommates at the time so we could easily remind or sometimes nag the other to go make a find for the day….and that was the motivation we needed, we both completed the year and I took it to 450 days before I ended my streak. So for me Bucket List isn’t about a specific cache but rather what is my next caching goal. I just completed the Louisiana State Parks * Geo Project (GC25HV7) and I have all my requirements for the Parish and DeLorme challenges, I only need to make the trips to the finals for those, so this is a question that has been on my mind…what is the next motivation?? Off the top of my head I would say to tackle the Louisiana Earthcache Challenge (GC60YJ7), finish out my Difficulty/Terrain grid, and hope to get more new states….but it feels a bit strange to be at the end of what I have been calling the Big 3 and it reminds me of the day after 450 when I didn’t go out for a cache….

Any other Hobbies?

Trying to build the LGO community has really gotten me back into hiking and camping which is fitting since I grew up close to Kisatchie National Forest. I like good beer and used to homebrew.  I also play Celtic music on the side and really wish I had found geocaching earlier when I was in a band that was out of state most weekends. Lately I have been thinking about returning to some of the festivals I used to play for fun, music, and geocaching!

Anything else you would like to say?

I’d also like to suggest folks get out and try other cache types…traditionals are fine and if you are working on a streak or caching with kids, they are essential. But so often I hear puzzles aren’t for me or Earthcaches are like going back to school. For me I find that puzzles relax me when I am anxious but can’t hit the road. And Earthcaches might require some reading and not have a container to find, but Earthcaches have been some of the most memorable caches and that bit of geology that I picked up has been a great conversation starter. And I always encourage people to try Virtuals and Webcam caches… they aren’t allowing new ones to be made so each one is a bit of caching history and in some areas these cache types are rare. Get a stamp and try a Letterbox hybrid. Come to an event and ask folks what their favorites are!