Featured Player: shelleydee34 and darrellba


What was the inspiration for your geocaching name?

We never actually chose our geocaching names. When we created our accounts we created a log in name. We had no idea that would be our geocaching names so that’s just what we stayed with.

Why did you decide to try geocaching?

A distant friend of ours had tried it and posted some pictures on Instagram. It looked interesting and finally after about a year we googled it. We’ve been hooked ever since that day.

What cache were you after?

Monarch on a Mission, GC1C88Y.  This was only about a mile from the house. We did exactly what the description said not to do and parked on the road behind the cemetery. When we pull up there’s this guy out there looking all suspicious and we felt like we were doing something wrong ourselves. We sat there for a minute and finally decided that he was actually looking for the cache. We couldn’t believe there was someone actually caching right where we were. Turns out it was HHRfan, Wendell Eubanks. Since then we’ve met and talked several times. He has helped us on a couple of hard ones with a subtle hint or two and we’ve actually helped him some too.

What did you expect to find?

We had no idea what we were actually looking for. It ended up being inside the cemetery. This was allowed when this one was placed. We all three looked for what seemed like forever and Wendell ended up making the find. That first cache should’ve taught us a lesson on subtle hints in the title or description but we still haven’t learned that lesson. He suggested another cache which was an ammo can. GCMHWD turned out to be our first find together without help.

Everyone has a Geocaching “big fish” story about the hunt that was much more than you expected at the start. What is yours?

I would say Lady Dolphin, GC2KGKC, which was hidden on a grounded ship. When we finally got a chance to go, the whole ship was missing. Who steals a ship??  Haha.

GC342FW, Dr. Evil Visits El Dorado, was a very fun cache. I won’t give it away but it was an adventure.

 GC1DJT7, Capulin Volcano, took me somewhere I’ve wanted to go since I first passed by it on vacation as a kid. We got to hike around the rim and you can even go down inside of the volcano.

GC1NT1V, Lord Grayson – The Mighty Buck Hunter, was a really fun cache. This was our first cache to get to hike up a mountain to get to. I wanted to bring Shelley here for several reasons. This is in Big Thompson Canyon. In 1976 when I was only 4 years old we got caught in a flood here. It is the largest natural disaster in Colorado’s history. We spent the night on the side of the mountain and had to be flown out by helicopter.

 GCKBGB, Royal Gorge For Free. This was a big DNF after Shelley slipped and almost fell over into the gorge! She was out of sight and I had know idea. She came back screaming and yelling at me like I was trying to kill her. LOL

So, I guess we don’t have one big fish but we have many that we’ll always remember and enjoy.

What is your Geocaching EDC (Everyday carry)?

We try to carry extra baggies, logs, swag, pens, flashlights, GPS receivers, batteries, trackables, a walking stick and plenty of bug spray.

What gear do you have to have with you?

A designated driver, Shelley, and an ice chest full of beer. LOL. But that’s a given so we always make sure not to forget the GPS receivers, Tom Tom, pens and spray.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve seen or found while caching?

GC14MKT in Pennsylvania. This was a Spirit Quest cache. The old stone church had a dirt floor and was inside the cemetery. I believe the cache was inside one of the chimneys but could never find it. We were there at night so it was kinda creepy. After searching for awhile we decide to leave. Shelley turns around and finds a Ouija board in the center of the church against the stone wall. How had we not already seen that?? We decide that’s not the best place for a Ouija board and decide to take it. Or maybe Shelley is just cryptic like that? This cache is now disabled because people were  destroying the old church.

What cache is on your Bucket List?

GC1607 Mount Temple.  I’ve wanted to do this one since I found it on the map. Sometimes I’ll waste a lot of time just looking at the map and finding different caches in places we’ve never been. Hopefully we can one day do this one before we get too old!

Any other hobbies?

We like to explore old hidden graveyards and tombstones in the woods. I really love the find a grave app. It is very useful.

We found an old cemetery in Clay and have received permission from the land owner to go next year when hunting season is over to clean it up. It is in really overgrown at the moment and we along with Shelley’s mom are going to take care of it.

Anything else you would like to say?

Geocaching has definitely changed our lives for the better. We get outdoors and explore nature and get to see things that most people know nothing about. It has also taught us a lot of history not only in our area but around the United States.
The friends we have made through geocaching are some of the nicest and friendliest people that you could ever meet.   Some say that they can get burnt out on it from time to time but I really don’t see that happening to us. We are so very honored to have been chosen as the featured geocachers.