Featured Player: GeoBear42

geobear42What was the inspiration for your geocaching name?

When I thought about it and realized I would be doing this with grandchildren I called them my cubs so I am GeoBear42 and they are GeoCubs 1,2,3,4,5 & born today number 6.   4, 5 & 6 are not old enough to geocache yet.


Why did you decide to try geocaching?

With 5 grandchildren at my house all summer last year I needed something to keep the older ones busy and quiet during naptime. My sister-in-law and her husband was visiting and told me about Geocaching, so I took the 3 oldest ones and we went looking.

What cache were you after?

We weren’t after any specific cache just looking close to our house.

What did you expect to find?

I wasn’t sure what we would find so at first didn’t know exactly what to look for. The grands were excited just to find anything.  They not always wanted to trade anything.


Everyone has a Geocaching “big fish” story about the hunt that was much more than you expected at the start. What is yours?

I guess when we were looking for a cache in the woods down a small walking road going to Driskill Mountain in Bienville Parish. We walked a long way up and down hills. We passed some muggles coming out so my 8 year old autistic grandson  began to tell them all about what we were doing  and that they were muggles so they could not see what we would find.  They were nice and just laughed and continued on their way. I think they were sweethearts just out for what they thought was a private walk. Long story short when we found the cache I was standing next to it and one of them said “poppy its right there by your foot.”


What is your Geocaching EDC (Everyday carry)?

I have to use my phone the grands know how to use the Garmin GPS better that I do so that what they take turns using.

What gear do you have to have with you?

We carry a small fannie pack with our swag and places for bottled water in it.  The first thing they expect to get when we start out is an ICEE, when we find a cache they want a Jolly Rancher as reward. The dentist will always have our business.


What is the most memorable thing you’ve seen or found while caching?

We found a snake skin hanging on a crooked tree out in the woods.


What cache is on your Bucket List?

We have yet to find a multi cache. The one closest to our house is missing the first stage.  When summer comes again and school is out we will be able to travel farther to find another one.


Any other hobbies?

I like to build gadget caches with the grandchildren, we have 9 out at this time. I also raise chickens for eggs and my grandchildren love helping gather the eggs.


Anything else you would like to say?

I wish more people would place GeoCaches and most important maintain them.  We have found many that are wet inside and you cant sign the log.  The grands were disappointed at first but now it the hunt they enjoy and the Jolly Ranchers.